Brido Lovely Whitening Cream

Brido Lovely Whitening Cream with Advanced MultiVitamin


Brido Honey Lotion

Brido Honey Lotion

Brido 5 in 1 Whitening Cream Best Whitening Cream


Brido 5 in 1 Whitening Cream contains Parasol 1789, UV Nol, and Benzophenone which are the best known “Sun Screens” in the World.

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Brido 5 in 1 special formula whitens your skin gently. It is specially formulated for entire skin problems such as acne, pimples, freckles, and dark spots. It has designed a unique combination of whitening cream and moisturizer. Regular application of Brido Whitening 5 in 1 after cleansing your face will bring out the best possible results for the users, and you can flaunt your pretty face with the least makeup. You can use it on your hand face and neck as well to reduce discoloration and promote the regeneration of healthy skin tissue leading to alleviation. It also provides SPF 24 protection that protects your skin from getting damaged due to any external environmental effects; most essentially UV rays. You do not have to use an excessive quantity of this whitening cream to get the desired results, but a little quantity will do its job. This cream has a soothing fragrance with a fine texture that can be applied easily. Also, it absorbs into the skin instantly, so there is no fear of having a greasy face. You will get noticeable results within 1week of its use.

Melanin reduction: Removes black spots and dark pigments from skin. To de-tan the skin with the help of lightning vitamins.
12 hours U.V Protection: To protect the skin from UV damage with the help of sunscreen protection.
Oil control and anti-acne: Makes skin clear and clean.
Balance moisturizing: Moisture effects retain natural freshness.
Skin glow and polishing: To make the skin glow by skin polishing actions and dead cell removal.

Instructions to Use:
Before sleeping at night, thoroughly wash your face and let it dry.
Apply Brido Cream on the face with the help of your fingertips.
Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the cream onto your skin.
Do not massage vigorously.
Wherever necessary (on acne, pimples, freckles, and dark spots), apply the cream in more quantities.
Do not apply the cream to your eyelids.

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Brido 5 in 1

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